WCG Plant List

GenusSpeciesCultivar /HybridCommon NameDescription
Abeliax grandiflora'Edward Goucher'Edward Goucher AbeliaThis fine-textured, semi-evergreen, sprawling shrub with 1.5-inch-long, red-tinged leaves arranged along thin, arching, multiple stems. It retains the reddish foliage all summer long. It is evergreen in its southern part of the U.S. Flowers are on terminal clusters of delicate pink and white, small, tubular flowers. Multiple stems arise from the ground in a vase shape, spreading apart as they ascend into the foliage.
AcergrandidentatumBig Tooth Maple
Agaveparryivar. truncataArtichoke Agave
AgavescabraAgave scabraMedium- to large-sized plant that grows 3' to 5' tall and wide. Its gray leaves are very spiny and have a characteristic roughness that lends it its common name. It grows on sandy and calcareous soils in the southwestern Rio Grande Plains . As it matures it develops many "pups" or offsets which will replace the main rosette, which dies after blooming.
Agavex'Sharkskin Shoes'Sharkskin Shoes
Anisacanthusquadrifidusvar. wrightiiHummingbird Bush/ Flame AcanthusBright red tubular flowers attract hummingbirds
Artemisiaarborescens'Powis Castle'Powis Castle WormwoodNice graceful semi-evergreen drought tolerant shrub 2' to 3' tall and 3' wide with feathery silver foliage and inconspicuous yellow flowers in late summer. It prefers full sun and fast-draining or sandy soil.
Symphyotrichum syn. Asteroblongifolium syn. oblongifoliusFall AsterFall Aster is one of the last flowers to bloom in the fall, when all of the others are finished. beautiful 1Ó blue flowers with yellow disk in the center; has two types of slightly pubescent, aromatic leaves; long and broad at the base and reducing in size at the tips. It is beneficial to wildlife as wild turkey and other game birds will eat the seeds and foliage in the winter. It is also a nectar source for butterflies and bees. Asters are tolerant of acidic, rocky or sandy soils. They multiply readily, so you will soon have a mound of Asters 2Õ high and 3Õ wide.
BeschomeriaseptentrionalisFalse Red Agave
BuchloedactyloidesBuffalograss '609'Buffalograss '609' Developed at University of Nebraska, the variety "609" produces a rich blue-green turf. It has a quick rate of spread and has medium density.
CalyptocarpusvialisHorse HerbSpreads easily; small yellow flower.
CeratostigmaplumbaginoidesAn outstanding, long-lived groundcover. The deep blue flowers are numerous and long lasting beginning in early fall. As the flowering finishes, the leaves begin a month-long change to a vivid mahogany red color. Plumbago is extremely adaptable, growing equally well in sun or shade, and thriving in a wide range of soil types
Chilopsislinearis'Bubba'Bubba Desert WillowThe Desert Willow is an irregular single-stemmed small tree with an open airy crown; plants tend to branch low on the crown giving tree a multiple stem appearance; stems tend to grow up and tend to droop with the added weight of flowering; Leaves are linear about 3" to 4" in length, dark to medium green; sparse and open; green to brown fall color. 1" to 3" long spikes of perfect bell-shaped flowers flower colors are white pink to purplish red, solid, two toned or marbled in color. Seed pod resemble green bean pods about 4" long; green when and becoming brown at maturity; pods can be broke open to find small winged seeds.
Cupressusarizonica'Blue Ice'Arizona Cypress
DyschoristelinearisSnakeherbNative throughout the state of Texas. It forms a dense mound of upright stems covered with narrow leaves, from which petunia-like purple flowers emerge. Since it's a Texas native it likes it hot and dry, and it will thrive in any well-drained soil.
Echinaceapurpurea'Magnus'Purple Cone FlowerPurple coneflower is a showy, clump forming herbaceous perennial that dies to the ground in winter and sprouts back in spring. Established clumps can be up to 3' in diameter and just as tall. The dark green leaves are coarse and sandpapery, usually lance shaped, and 3" to 8" long. The daisylike flower heads, up to 3" across, are very attractive with rose purple rays and large, cone-shaped purple brown centers.
ErythrinaXbidwilliiCoral TreeSpiny branches.
EupatoriumgreggiiThe lavender blue blooms of GreggÕs Mistflower appear from spring through fall and are a magnet for several species of butterflies. This central Texas native forms a spreading groundcover that reaches a height of 12" to 24" and is virtually pest and disease free. It prefers a moderately moist soil and full sun to partial shade. The lavender blue blooms of GreggÕs Mistflower appear from spring through fall and are a magnet for several species of butterflies. This central Texas native forms a spreading groundcover that reaches a height of 12" to 24" and is virtually pest and disease free. It prefers a moderately moist soil and full sun to partial shade.
FraxinustexensisTexas AshDeciduous tree with upright rounded crown of odd pinnately compound leaves bearing five or rarely seven leaflets; sometimes has yellow to purple red fall color. On female plants, panicles of samaras or seeds with an elongated tear-drop to spatulate-shaped distal woody wing; seeds two sided; seeds 1" to 2" long; seeds borne in 6" to 9" long dense panicles; eaten by wildlife.
Gaura'Siskiyou Pink''Siskiyou Pink' GauraThe numerous butterfly-shapes maroon flowers opening to reddish pink flowers that bloom from last spring to early summer. With a plant height of 24Ó and a width of 24 to 36Ó, it is definite addition to any perennial garden. ÔSiskiyou PinkÕ Gaura requires full sun in a well-drained area with average to rich soil and is very drought tolerant.
Gauralindheimeri'Whirling Butterflies''Whirling Butterflies' GauraThis Texas native that has found a home over much of the southwestern U.S. ÔWhirling ButterfliesÕ blooms throughout the heat of the summer with its wispy flowering stems and bright white butterfly-shaped flowers. A tall, robust grower, ÔWhirling ButterfliesÕ is recommended to plant along hot walls in the back of south and west facing flower beds.
HabranthustubispathusCopper Lily
Hesperaloeparviflora'Red'Clump forming succulent with arching linear, leathery, bright green leaves approx. 2' long, often peeling fibrous margins. In the summer plant bears 3 ft. tall spikes with panicle-like flowers crowded , pendent flowers that are dark to bright red.
HesperaloeparvifloraWhite'Clump forming succulent with arching linear, leathery, bright green leaves approx. 2' long, often peeling fibrous margins. In the summer plant bears 3' tall spikes with panicle-like flowers crowded , pendent flowers that are creamy white.
Hibiscus'Moy Grande'H. 'Moy Grande' certainly boasts one of the largest flowers that we have seen on a hardy hibiscus, reaching sizes in excess of 1' across when grown in rich moist soils. Dozens of the giant, bright, rosy blue-red flowers This Hibiscus gets 5' tall x 5' wide clump.
Ilex'Nellie R. Stevens Holly'Nellie R. Stevens has kept the best of both parents. It has lustrous dark green leaves and abundant red fruit. Vigorous fast grower that grows into a pyramidally-shaped evergreen, 20 to 30' high and 10 to 12'. Females need male plants nearby so it can ensure pollination and the female will produce beautiful red berries. Chinese holly flowers at the proper time and may be used for that propose.
Ilexcornuta'Rotunda'Dwarf Chinese HollyLeaves dark green,convex,oblong, 1.5-2" long, 1" wide, bases rotund to truncate, apices short, triangular, acuminate, tip spines 3-5 spines on with side of leaf. Compact Dwarf landscape shrub.
IlexdeciduaPossum HawBright berries
Kniphofiauvaria'Flamenco'Red Hot Poker Torch LilyEvergreen perennial with lax, linear, keeled, finely toothed, coarse leaves, to 24" long. Flowers, to 1 1/2" long bud red when opening orange to fading yellow, are borne in slender, oblong-ovoid racemes in early autumn.
LantanahorridaLantanaShrub to 3' ,often prickly ; leaves broadly ovate, to 3" long, coarsely serrate-crenate; flowers orange or yellow, becoming red, in hemispherical heads. Fruit is round and black.
Leucophyllumfrutescens'Green Cloud'Green Cloud Texas SageNative to Texas and Mexico and will tolerate limestone, sand, and clay soils as long as they are well drained. This plant is also heat, drought, and salt tolerant, but definitely not humidity tolerant. Leucophyllum frutescens 'Green Cloud'ª is a compact Texas Sage that was selected by the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. This Texas Sage can get up to 6' tall but is more vigorous than other Compact Sages available. Green Cloud Sage will flower from late spring until fall, usually after rain, hence its other common name of Barometer Bush. The flower is bell-shaped and violet to purple in color. The foliage is greener than other cultivars which are usually silvery gray.
LiriopespicataLilyturfClumping leaves that are linear grasslike with pointed tip and serrated margin with translucent teeth; Flowers violet to white ,with distinct tube, on the violet rachis,scape erect and violet brown. Root system rhizomatous.
LonicerasempervirensCoral HoneysuckleEvergreen in the southern U.S.; climbing vine; leaves ovate to oblong, to 3" long, glaucous beneath, upper leaves united at the base; flowers in spikes, orange-scarlet, yellow inside 2" long; fruit in the summer red.
ManfredamaculosaTexas tuberoseLeaves to 1' long, 3/4" wide, mottled; inflorescent 3' ; flowers fragrant 'whitish or greenish, turning pink with age, 2" long, lobes nearly as long as the tube, stamens scarcely longer than perianth.
Manfredavarigata x Agave celsiiMangave
MelampodiumleucanthumBlackfoot DaisyLeaves gray or silvery-pubescent; leaves linear to lanceolate entire, disc flowers yellow, longer ray flowers veined with purple beneath
Muhlenbergiacapillaris'Regal Mist'Gulf muhlygrassMuhly Grass has a clumping form growing 3'- 4' tall and about as wide. A stiff, upright growth habit makes this different from many other grasses. Delicate purple flowers emerge in the fall well above to foliage and can literally cover the foliage. It is native to pine flatwoods, coastal sandy soils
MuhlenbergialindheimeriLindheimer's MuhlyLindheimer's Muhly has an upright growth habit and blue/green foliage. This grass can get up to 4-5' in height. In the fall this grass will bloom, the flowers are at first pink-tinted then later fade to tan. Best for dry sites but Big Muhly can tolerate some wet conditions if the soil is well drained. This grass is a good choice for calcareous soils .
Nandinadomestica'Compacta'Dwarf NandinaThis evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub with upright shoots, it has pinnate to tri-pinnate leaves, they are lance-shaped leaflets, color is red to reddish purple. In mid summer it bears conical panicles to16 in. of small star-shaped white flowers, followed by long lasting bright red round fruit.
NasellatenuissimaMexican Feather GrassFrom the Trans Pecos area, this grass is sometimes called Texas Needle Grass because of the hair-like leaves. The leaves are bright green and the grass grows in a clump, in the summer the grass will flower. The grass can get 1-3 feet in height and the flowers are somewhat taller than the foliage and are very fine in texture, looking very reminiscent to feathers. Nasella tenuissima needs a well drained soil to perform its best, this grass does not like wet feet. Nassella tenuissima will tolerate drought and limestone based soils.
NolinamicrocarpaBear GrassResembles yucca but the leaves are longer, more flexible & gracefully curved, forming large clumps of evergreen, grass-like foliage, 3 ft. tall & wide. Tall flower stalks of numerous tiny pink flowers. Handsome, drought tolerant landscape plant.
Opuntiasanta-ritaSanta Rita prickly pearLeaves are flat round pads, to 8" long; new growth is reddish or purple like color, mature pads off-green in color; in the fall all pads may be purple; aeroles evenly spaced about 1" apart; spines usually absent on face but found on perimeter of the pads; numerous yellow, fuzzy-looking glochidia (hairs). Flowers are orange yellow, 3.5" in diameter, along edge of pads. Fruit oblong purplish, plump,1"tall, 1/2"diameter.
PavoniahastateBrazilian Rock RoseBranching shrub, to 6'; leaves lanceolate to ovate, to about 2" long, spear-shaped, toothed margin, involucral bracts 5-6, less than 1/4" long, shorter than calyx, petals to 1" long pale red to nearly white, red-spotted at the base; mericarps brown, ribbed and reticulate.
PavonialasiopetalaRock RoseTexas Native that is extremely drought tolerant, although it does not mind a little water now and then. Texas Rock Rose can be seen growing native in the Edwards Plateau, Rio Grande Plains, and the Trans Pecos areas of Texas. The most eye-catching feature of this plant is the Hibiscus-like pink to rose colored flowers.
PenstemontenuisGulf Coast PenstemonFound in and near the Gulf Prairies and Marshes of the state. Gulf Coast Penstemon is best for the hot and humid Gulf Coast area of Texas, it tolerates wet soils and seasonal poor drainage. In the Spring this Penstemon puts on masses of 3/4" pink-purple flowers, and there is a chance for rebloom in the fall. Although it can handle full sun it performs best with partial shade. Penstemon tenuis can reach up to 18" tall.
PerovskiaatriplicifoliaRussian SageGrows to 3'; upper leaves ovate-oblong to 1 1/2 " long, obtuse or acute, entire or weakly dentate; inflorescent spreading-paniculate; Flowers lavender blue.
Phloxpaniculata'John Fanick'Garden PhloxClump forming perennial to 6' leaves elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate or ovate, to 6" long, thin, veiny; flowers showy clusters of light pink.
PistaciatexanaTexas Pistache
Punicagranatum'Nana'PomegranateDwarf compact Shrub to 6'; used as a hedge in the southern U.S.; flowers when it is still small; leaves 3/4" to1 1/2" long ,flowers, single, red-orange.
QuercusfusiformisTexas Live Oak
Quercuspungensvar. vaseyanaVasey Oak
RhusglabraSmooth SumacGlabrous deciduous shrub or tree to 20', often glaucous; compound leaves with 11-31 leaflets, leaflets are blue green turning scarlet red in the fall, oblong to lanceolate, to 5" long with toothed leaf margin; Summer yellowish green flowers in upright conical panicles, to 10" long; followed round red fruit on female plants.
Rosmarinusofficinalis'Furneaux Hardy'Rosemary
Rudbeckiafulgidavar. sullivantiiBlack-Eyed Susan
Ruelliabrittoniana'Katie'Katie RuelliaThis Ruellia is an outstanding textured perennial groundcover. It grows 8Ó-10Ó tall in a mounding shape with attractive pink flowers in heavy cycles spring to frost. It likes sun to part shade and tolerates any conditions.
SalviafarinaceaMealy SageBranched perennial; to 2' to3', puberulent; leaves ovate-lanceolate to ovate,1 1/2"to3" long, obtuse to acute at apex, coarsely and irregularly serrate leaf margin, uppermost leaves linear-lanceolate; inflorescent interrupted, spicate, bracts small, green, early deciduous; calyx densely white to purplish-tomentose, corolla 1/2" to 5/8" long, violet-blue.
Salviagreggii'Coral'Autumn SageSub shrub to 3', stems with recurved hairs; leaves oblong to spatulate, about 1/2" to1" long, entire; inflorescent racemose, bract early deciduous; corolla about 1" long, red to purplish-red, lower lip large and showy.
Salviagreggii'Pink'Autumn SageA dwarf semi-woody perennial that is native to Texas and Mexico. It is well suited for dry garden areas, reaches 3-4 feet in height and has a long flowering season (from spring to fall in wetter areas and fall to winter in drier areas). This plant grows best in full sun and a well-drained soil and it will not tolerate wet feet or a poorly drained soil. The flower color is pink.
SalviaguaraniticaAnise-scented sagePerennial subshrub with stems to 3 1/2' with recurved grand-tipped hairs, leaves ovate, 2- 5" long, coarsely crenate, dark and rugose above, paler and pubescent beneath; flowers 1 1/2" to 2" long, dark blue to violet-blue ,whitish basally, rarely bluish- rose.
SalvialeucanthaMexican Bush SagePerennial Shrub to 2' stems, deciduously white-wooly; leaves are linear-lanceolate, 2" to 6" long, acute, scalloped, wrinkled above and wooly beneath ; flowers clustered, 6"-10" long; calyx funnel-shaped ,violet-purple, woolly, corolla 5/8"-3/4" long, white.
Salvianemorosa'Blue Queen'Blue Queen' SalviaDwarf plant
SalviasinaloensisSinaloa sageSmall herbaceous perennial with many graceful stems, about 1' long, that spread on underground runners into a small , 1' clump. Flowers are a deep intense blue. Leaves are small lance shaped leaves about 1" long and 1/2" wide, and are closely spaced on the stem. new leaves are a plum-purple color and as they age they become mid-green with a gray undertone. Plant needs good drainage.
SalviauliginosaBog SageHerbaceous perennial shrub will reach 3' to 6' high, spreads rapidly by underground runners. Stems are thin and are deeply grooved. Leaves are yellowish green and lance shaped, variable in size, margins serrated and tend to grow in clusters. Flowers are a bright azure-blue about 1/2" long with a white beeline to guide the insects to the pollen and nectar. Flowers appear in whorls on the raceme. Many flowers come in bloom at the same time.
Salviax'Indigo Spires'Indigo Spires SalviaDeciduous perennial, height 4' and 4' wide; sun and heat, and drought tolerant. Prefers well drained soil. Flowers bloom spring to fall. Flower bloom color is blue on spikes 18' long. Nectar source for butterflies and Hummingbirds.
ScutellariasuffrutescensPink Texas SkullcapTexas Skullcap has thyme-like foliage and has a dense growth habit, remaining neat and compact. It can however benefit and responds well to the occasional shearing, which will prevent it from getting thin in the middle. Use Pink Texas Skullcap for rock gardens, on dry hillsides. Heat loving, sun loving plant that is great for the Texas Garden.
Sedumspurium'Ruby Glow'SedumLow-growing deciduous perennial with spreading, unbranched red stems bearing opposite, elliptic, toothed, green-purple leaves, 2" long. Numerous loose-cymes. With star-shaped ruby-red flowers 1/2' across flowers mid-summer into the fall.
Sedumspurium'John Creech'Sedum 'John Creech' is a rare, sedium 2" tall with small-foliage and pink-flowered form. The small, scalloped green leaves of this weed-smothering groundcover are topped with pink flowers in early summer to fall.
Sedum'Brilliant'SedumBrilliant bears flowers with bright pink petals and darker pink carpels and anthers.
SophoraaffinisEve's NecklaceA small deciduous tree understory tree 15 - 25' tall oval open crowned tree. Pink to off white cascading flowers on 3- 6" clusters with small pea like perfect flowers in the spring. Seed pods resemble black beaded necklace. Seeds are poisonous and retained for a long time.
SorghastrumnutansIndian GrassSlowly spreading perennial grass forming loose clumps of erect stems with arcing, broadly linear, bluish green leaves to 24" long From summer to fall it produces narrow, terminal panicles to 14" long, of golden spikelets
StemodiatomentosaWooly StemodiaThis evergreen perennial is a mat forming groundcover that has soft, silver grey foliage. Flowers are small purple in early spring. Stems root at nodes that are in contact with the soil. It tolerates high temperatures and humidity grows well in full sun. Also tolerates poor soils with good drainage. Does not tolerate foot traffic and is a good choice for providing erosion control.
SymphoricarposobiculatusCoral BerryEvergreen Shrub to 3 ft. tall
TageteslucidaMexican TarragonWoody stemmed perennial with linear to oblong, sharply toothed, mid-green anise-scented leaves to 4" long. Flowers from late summer to fall, bears terminal cymes with many yellow composite flowers. Used as a culinary herb.
TetraneurisscaposaFour-nerve DaisyThis hardy perennial grows to about 1'; leaves are linear to lanceolate pale-green, sometimes furry usually smooth and shiny. They are somewhat narrow and form rosettes. In the wild rosettes are commonly four inches wide and scattered over rocky sunny slopes. They produce solitary yellow daisies at the terminal end of bare stems. Propagation by seed.
TrachelospermumasiaticumAsian JasmineThis hardy evergreen has strong roots; leaves are elliptic to oblong reddish-green in color to about 2" to 3" long; Flowers with calyx to 1/8" long, calyx lobes erect, shorter than the narrow
TulbaghiaviolaceaSociety GarlicThis is a tough, attractive and normally evergreen perennial that produces 18Ó stems of bright lavender-pink flowers in heavy bloom cycles spring, summer and fall. It slowly clumps out and can be divided at any for extra plants. Can grow almost anywhere in full sun or light shade and it tolerates occasional wet or drought.
Verbena'Blue Princess'VerbenaVerbena x hybrida 'Blue Princess' was discovered in England on a collecting trip by Greg Grant. This plant is drought and heat tolerant. Blue Princess seems to be mildew resistant. Flowers are purple to lavender and blooms from Spring until Fall. The Blue Princess has a trailing habit, reaching only 12" tall with a 36" spread. It is also a butterfly attracting plant.
YuccarupicolaTwisted leaf YuccaThis Yucca is endemic to the Edwards Plateau. The leaves two feet tall and are edged with white or red and covered with thin white curly hairs. New leaves are straight, but older leaves are twisted, that is how this plant got its name.